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What we tell all our clients before taking on their project, is that 'we want to create the best apps on the app store'. If that isn’t enough drive for you, then we don’t know what is.

Whether you are a fresh faced startup or more established enterprise, Konnect Apps has an experienced, smart and dedicated team are ready to talk to you about your app idea.

Start Ups

Getting started with an app idea can be exciting, scary and daunting. Just like you, we began as a humble start up with a big vision! Using our hunger and energy, we’ve helped startups around the world turn their ideas into a reality and we’re here to guide you the whole way through the process.

Our unique holistic approach makes Konnect Apps more than just a ‘Tech Company’, we offer a full strategic, design, development, growth and support suite. Whether you are looking for UI/UX to prove your concept to investors, or are ready for the full thing, let’s meet up for a coffee or video call and we can discuss your ideas in more detail. Need an NDA, get in touch!



We’ve worked across a huge range of complex business challenges. Having helped businesses in over 30 different industries, our strategic approach helps deliver quality solutions with your end goals in mind.

When your business partners with Konnect Apps, you get the benefit of years of experiences and 100’s of projects across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe. All of which have helped us refine our process and improve our methods.


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