Everything Is Under Control With Rent Easy.

We are very fortunate to be working with the young and highly motivated team which makes up Rent Easy!

Rent Easy acts as a single tool where landlords and tenants can group all of their property management requirements into one hub.


An Appified Brand Approach

When we had our first initial Deep Dive with Rent Easy, the company already had a brand that had been established prior to engaging with us. Although we loved the brand, we felt we could take it to another level and appify its image!We took elements of the original concept, including colours and symbols but added some Konnect flair to make it ready to be rendered throughout beautiful app designs!


a simplistic,  refined & easy user flow to follow

Here at Konnect, we don’t always need to carry out a user journey before UI/UX, unless the features are particularly complex. For Rent Easy, as there were three different users of the app who had the potential to overlap at times, the user journey needed particular attention.

We mapped out the user journey, after exploring every possible scenario before we progressed into the User Interface and User Experience.

Clean & Engaging UI

For the Rent Easy UI, we wanted to focus on clean whites, the iconic bold orange tones, and easy to read typography to burst off the screen and show off its amazing branding.

We wanted the app to be as easy as possible to use, considering the two different demographics that will be using this app, which is why we kept the navigation at the forefront and quick to access.

Modern, clean & Bright

we are currently in development with rent easy.


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