A world class app for a Gym that continuously raises the bar.

We are lucky enough to be working with the best gym in Brisbane, possibly even Australia. Olympia has been one of our longest clients and closest friends. They have used the full power of Konnect Apps within their business. We have seen them go from a new app, to a new world class premise, to multiple apps, to brand assets and now a new website.

Olympia is driven to provide the easiest and most enjoyable gym experience for their clients, with a particular focus on introducing new practices that raise the bar and challenge the industry overall.


User Interface / User Experience

Konnect workshopped the app building process alongside Olympia’s founders to ensure we could capture their vision.

The app was to be an integral part of the Olympia Transformations system and would be used from onboarding new clients, personal training, and individual use of members in order to track and adjust their workouts and results.

Konnect needed to develop a system that was not only user friendly but really set Olympia apart from others within the industry.

Full Stack Development

The Olympia app was fairly intricate in its development, considering it would need to integrate with the existing check in system and booking system.

The trainer’s app and member's app would also need to speak with each other instantly to enhance the experience.

Konnect developed the app within the perceived time frame and now the product is integral to the Olympia training process.

from the ground up

Website Development

With all of these changes within the Olympia model, it was a natural progression to update their tired 2014 website to something that was representative of where they were today.

Konnect completely redesigned their website. As the website had accumulated 6 years of good quality SEO, Konnect needed to be careful not to lose it. For this reason, a particular strategy was in place from the outset to preserve and migrate the old and the new.

Support & Maintenance

We are proud to be continuing work with Olympia as the support and maintenance team. In addition to the work we have completed for Olympia above, we have also developed their Check-In system in house, as well as a secondary app for their 8 Week Challenge which was distributed to their members.


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