Our Refined Konnect Methodology Process

More than just an app development company. Leap in to the future of the Konnected digital world with industry leading application and website; design, development and deployment.


Our Konnected Methodology

Konnect Apps has been creating apps and web apps for over five years. And it is fair to say that we have learnt ALOT.

Software is a living breathing product and the team at Konnect works to this understanding. Our team operates in transparent scrum teams and sprints designed to be agile.


Strategic Planning & Modelling

With over 100 apps (and counting) under our belt, we know a little bit/ a lot about what will make your app a success!

Branding & Design

Scalable Branding, Flawless Design and tested UI/UX is what Konnect Apps is known for. With over 90% of information being translated through visuals, it is crucial.

Full Stack Development & Implementation

Our development team is fully stacked which means we can manage anything from front end to back end, APIs and everything in between. Most importantly, they are here in Brisbane.

Maintenance & Application Refinement

We built your app, pouring our hearts and souls into the development, we are like the surrogate parents you never knew you needed. We can be procured to help with any add-ons or development you may need to boost your products potential!


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