Forward thinking space sharing for influencers and productions

iKollab came to Konnect Apps in 2020 with an app idea that was geared towards connecting beautiful spaces with individuals looking to hire a location for a shorter period of time.

iKollab came about from a place of frustration. The founder of iKollab, who has connections with Social Media influencers, shared the everyday struggle of influencers constantly needing to shift around their spaces and locations in order to keep their content fresh and interesting for their followers. Traditionally, influencers or photographers creating content might hire a space on apps such as Airbnb in order to take pictures for their Social Media channels. The user of the space may only need the location for a few hours to get the content they need, which can be costly.

So iKollab was born! An app connecting people with interesting spaces, and individuals looking to hire out an area for less than a traditional booking.

Branded to suit

Transforming iKollab’s branding to reflect it’s identity

When iKollab came to Konnect, they had already put considerable energy and thought into their branding. They had established the colours and a general feel for their branding, which Konnect Apps built upon to create an appified identity!

iKollab wanted to feature muted colours that were fresh and elegant. We focused on a very refined colour palette that looks great across different disciplines.


Applying New Collateral to existing designs

When iKollab approached Konnect, they had some User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) established already that was done by another app developer.

We took the user flow and applied the new iKollab identity throughout the application to make the experience consistent.

Developing the iKollab application!

iKollab has a few different unique features at play. The app itself features two distinct areas, this is for the two different user types, Renters and Hosts. We needed to make sure users could switch seamlessly between the two, as well as feel comfortable using one or the other without being crowded by other elements of the application.

iKollab has a unique payment system integrated with the app which gives users the ability to accept payments for spaces, hold them until the booking has been made and then release them to the space host. As well as a four tier refund policy. This payment method has a few extra layers above accepting and receiving payments and requires in depth testing from Konnect App's UAT team.

iKollab also has a complex admin panel which allows the user to accept space listings on the backend and have them immediately listed through the app.

Now live on the app store!

We are pleased to be continuing our relationship with the team at iKollab by providing support to the application, as well as looking to add new features in the near future!


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