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They were an adventurer at heart, but oh how they loved to be home. 


If you know about our origin story, you would know that Konnect started as Konnect App. 

Just one app. Plural. 

We were a directory for businesses in a little town called Palmerston North. While the app itself was a success in Palmerston North, getting 5,000+ downloads (considering the population of Palmerston North is 88,300), it was pretty good. 

But the biggest success that came out of Konnect App, was the conversations it started with businesses. What they lacked in interest for Konnect App, they made up for in the interest of developing their own apps with us. 

So Konnect App became Konnect Applications. 

And instead of just one app, we began to develop apps for our clients. 

The more we developed, the more recognition we got. 

The more recognition, the bigger the client. 

You know the cycle. 

Fast forward a few years, we picked our roots and moved ourselves to Brisbane, Australia. 

Andrew worked full time at Konnect Applications, re-establishing himself and the brand to the market. 

I worked at a branding agency, separate to Konnect Applications for a few years. 

When we finally decided to merge minds, we rebranded Konnect Applications again to Konnect Digital. 

Did it sound cool, yes. 

Did it have a practical meaning behind it? Also yes. 

The idea for this new business, Konnect Digital would be to expand our offering beyond just apps, into the Digital space. To offer Marketing, Copywriting, Social Media, Branding, Sales websites. The whole shebang. 

And while we do still offer some of these things, we also decided that a few of them were not for us. 

There are two reasons for this shift and the subsequent name change, let us explain.

Doing what lights us up

Doing what lights you up is also closely linked to your purpose. 

When we think about a person, and their lifes purpose, we can create a good comparison. In my opinion, your life's purpose is how you choose to live everyday so you feel the most aligned with your values. If you want to read more about sticking to your values, read this article here. 

As a business, your purpose is like your North Star, guiding you forward through periods of calm and storm. 

We have a set of skills and talents that are unique to our business - app strategy, design and development. And when we make achievements in those areas, we feel great. On top of the world. 

When we do work that we don’t love, we feel drained, burnt out and disconnected. 

Doing Marketing, Social Media, Copywriting, Sales websites was nice, but it wasn’t our purpose. 

And it didn’t light us up as business owners hard enough to pursue it. When clients would ask if we could do Marketing, we would grimace and quickly refer them on instead of taking on the challenge ourselves. 

We removed any reference to other digital services on our own website, transitioned any existing clients to others and slowly but surely, stopped talking about them. 

Doing what lights you up in business is so important. Surrounding yourself with others who feel the same way whether clients or team members is equally as important!

Doing what we are good at

I’m sure we have all heard the phrase, ‘A jack of all trades but the master of none.’

Oftentimes it is better to be the master of one

Because truthfully, we weren’t as good at marketing as we could have been. We were busy going in one direction, building our app design and development team. Hiring people who had skills in UI/ UX, React Native and Node.js. 

Not email marketing, writing content and google ads. 

We toyed with acquiring a marketing company to join our brand, and offer more digital products in this way. But, as we grew, our skills became more fine tuned and the idea of offering digital services was no longer at the top of our mind.

Some takeaways

What you might see is only the tip of the iceberg. What lies underneath is lessons, learnings and experiences that can reach as far to the ocean floor. 

We could not have been Konnect Apps, without first being Konnect App, then Konnect Applications and Konnect Digital. 

We are looking forward to this next chapter in our journey, as a business, as a brand, as a team. 

Changing Konnect Digital to Konnect Apps means we are aligning our name with who we really are. 

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