So you've got an app idea, now what?

June 17, 2021


So you’ve got an app idea. First of all, congratulations! It’s exciting! It’s daunting! 

Konnect Digital has put together this little blog on what to do when you have an app idea. We have tried to go outside of the obvious, which every other blog seems to cover. 

Who are we to advise you

Every great idea starts with a story. And here is our story, a story of how an app idea turned into an app development agency. 

Konnect Digital started as Konnect App - basically the app was a directory that focused on promoting the latest deals that were going on in the local community. And for some time the app saw success, for a small business in the Manawatu of New Zealand. We had a few thousand downloads, some solid businesses on the app and everything seemed rosey. 

Except it wasn’t. 

We had made a few fatal errors that ultimately shut the doors prematurely. While it all worked out for the best in the end and we were on the road to other places, we hope you can take from our mistakes what you will. 

Now we have the privilege of working within the start up and enterprise space. This has given us a behind the scenes look into how to manage your app idea and gear it for success.

Focus on the facts

Is there another product on the market? Are you a first mover? Are you reinventing a tired system? Are you entering a market which is potentially saturated? 

Don’t be disheartened, all of the above can work. 

Each one presents their own rewards and ultimately their own challenges. What matters is your approach, your strategy and ultimately your product. 

Where you will hit a bump in the road, is not understanding what is happening in the market around you. 

Look for funding opportunities

App development, especially building the first version of your product can be complex and expensive! You need to brand it, establish user flows, user interface, consider the user experience, build the backend, structure the database, make APIs, build the front end, integrate it with the backend, test it, bug fix it, launch it, improve it, grow it. 


So, if you are not going to fund the app yourself, prove to investors that you are serious about your app, have skin in the game and are ready for the long haul. 

Perhaps first go for a lower investment option, such as building a brand and an app prototype. This means you aren’t just going to investors with nothing and it can help people visualise where you are going. We have seen a multitude of apps get picked up at the prototype stage by investors, it is a culmination of hard work. Your initial hard work. 

Remember that equity stakes are not that attractive to developers. As an app development agency, we get offered equity into app ideas a lot. What we deliver is months of hard work and unfortunately a 10% equity stake won’t cut it. 

Don’t commission a yes man

If you decide to take your app out of your head and into the real world, be very selective of anyone who you decide to give money to. 

A yes man or yes team, is an individual or group who are overly agreeable and hesitant to share contrary viewpoints. I don’t think the onus is with the individual, afterall being a people pleaser is deeply ingrained in our society. But when building an app, you do not want someone who just nods their head and won’t challenge your ideas. 

In building apps, in relationships, in life, you need someone who is going to shake things up a bit. Someone with a different perspective, different life experiences, who has walked a different path. Ultimately being able to see from different angles gives your product more legs.

Working with someone who always wants to look through rose coloured glasses and is unwilling to challenge you or your product will ultimately be detrimental to your end goal of publishing a successful app.

But don’t surround yourself with perpetual disagreement either, because that can be a very tiring space. Look for an individual, a team, who believes in your product, has chemistry with you and gives them the space to voice their opinions. 

Get it out there

How will you know if your app can be a success. Well ultimately, you need to get it out there, give it a go and listen to your users.

Digital products are not like physical products. A mistake can be resolved quickly, often without anyone even knowing. Enhancements, updates, new features can be released regularly, the life cycle is fast! 

Keep it simple

One of the main reasons for failure when developing an app and trying to launch it for the market is bloat. Stick to one core concept, and do it f*cking well. 

You can always add it in later. Simple apps are easier, faster and cheaper to build. Do not be everything to everyone. 

Is your idea ready?

Now that you’ve got some ideas about what to do with your app idea, go forth, do them. Learn, make mistakes, have fun, talk to people, enjoy the journey.

Then talk to a few app development agencies, they should be able to take your ideas from there. 

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