Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are Mobile Apps.

July 30, 2021


We like to look at mobile development, like an architect would look at a construction site before they start building. Without a clear roadmap or blueprint, things aren’t going to turn out how you want them to.

And in the case of Konnect, we love to focus on strategy, mapping and planning. All of which are aimed to maximise your resources, set you up for success and give you the clearest roadmap to a high achieving software product.

We call this whole process ‘Getting Developer Ready’. Here’s how it all works and why it’s so crucial to any successful development project.

01. The Deep Dive
Firstly, let’s get to know you. We believe that successful software products aren’t driven by the idea, they’re driven by the person behind the idea. Our deep dive meetings enable you to meet our in-house team, and it helps us understand exactly what you are trying to achieve. We also discuss the strategic vision, mission and goals for your business as well as the financial model for your product. 

One of our biggest key values within Konnect is transparency, and we use our deep dive to outline a clear plan on who is working on your project and our anticipated timeframes. 

02. User Flows
As app developers it’s our job to make your apps User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) as seamless and friendly as possible. During the User Flow phase, we map out how potential users will flow through the app. This process will highlight the best way to layout and display your apps key features.

03. Wireframes
The next stage of the design process is wireframes. In the wireframing phase we create high level ‘overview’ screens on what we believe is the best way to layout your app and app content. Prior to finalising the wireframes, you’ll have ample opportunity to provide suggestions, feedback and adjustments. 

04. Branding
The branding phase is where things truly come to life. Using our in-house branding methodology our team will dive deep into your business and start to learn more about your purpose, mission, tone and passions. The branding process includes multiple workshops and plenty of collaboration. Based on our findings we’ll begin to work on one high level concept, refining it down into a strong brand for you to use. 

All of our brands are delivered including; Logos, Icons, Fonts, Colours, Styleguides and Applications (Where you can use it).

05. Design Prototype
Using everything we’ve learnt and created to date, we now bring it all together to create what we call a ‘Design Prototype’. This is an extremely detailed design mock up of your App. Our prototypes cover EVERY single screen and interaction which might happen in your app. Once we deliver the prototype you can view it on your phone like the real app and even share it around to friends, family and potential investors. It truly is a super powerful tool and the blueprint for our development team to begin coding.

06. Investor Ready
Once we’ve completed the Design Prototype we’ll bundle all of your collateral and assets into a sleek pitch deck ready for you to share around with potential investors. The pitch deck captures all of the information we’ve captured during the design phase and presents it in a professional slide presentation. We’ll also provide an editable version so you can update numbers and text.

Don’t need investors?
Then you’re ‘Developer Ready’
At this point you’re now ‘Developer Ready’. We would schedule our development deep dive and get ready to move onto the next phase of the process….Time to get coding!! 

Keen to kick start your project but don’t know where to start? 

Then let’s get you developer ready! All packages are less than $10,000 and offer the perfect foundation for any software development. 

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